Friday, December 09, 2005

Links, Articles

This is about 9/11

And this is about chips
Which brings a few things to my mind (1) a friend who had a very vivid dream about
Tearing his arm apart searching for a chip
I always used to call this guy a military punk and
The article mentions the possibility for the military to Get chips
(2) As religious as this sounds and therefore rather insane it
Brings to mind the mark of the beast

Here is an article on the usa patriot act

And finally her's some quotes from Green Day
I thought they were appropriate

The product of war and fear that we’ve been victimized ~St Jimmy Green Day

When I investigate the news and the politics of todayI feel that more than anything else, that
I've been vitimized, that the american people and the people of this world are
Being victimized by the people in charge of this country

And second

Question everything or shut up and be a victim of authority ~Warning Green day

Think, read, ponder
And if any1 actually reads this thing get back to me
I'd love to hear your thoughts

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Little things

I was listening to Rise Against and as much as I love those guys, sometimes when I listen to music like that I end up wondering what I'm doing with this life, you know if it's anything more than Eating, drinking, working, wasting time on the comp and screwing myself or someone else.
In short it leaves me wondering if I'm doing anything real with my life, and by real I mean anything that isn't done for someone who's name begains with a M and ends in an E.
While wondering this I went outside and there was the famous bell ringer, and I took the little bit I had and gave it to him, and while I left I thought maybe that's a good start.
You know, Like maybe the little things really do matter, and everything doesn't have to be some flat out battle.
I'll admit this right now (1) I'm not always going to do the right things, in fact I may screw up more times than I don't and (2) I haven't done alot of big things with this life so far, but maybe all that's okay cause I'm not going to be able to save everyone, no one can.
Maybe it's just about loving and caring for each other doing the little things to help each other out knowing full well that we might not see any difference, maybe faith has it's place afterall.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Dead and The Alive

I love going to graveyards.
When I say this people they usually get creeped out, but I love
Graveyards not only because they're usually very quiet but also
Because they appear to me as sacred places.

Graveyards appear as sacred to me because these are the
Places where we bury those we have loved after they died.
These places seem to me to echo with lost memories I can feel
All these people who have lived and those who they've left

When I walk in the graveyard I find myself wondering who these
People were but I don't know that I would actually ever care to research it
Because then I wouldn't wonder I'd know and there's
Something to say for wonder.

Sometimes when I walk there I think of the things I've lost the
Dead and the Alive, sometimes not even people but places
That I've lived and just remember what they were like

There are people I can't get out of my head, like I've said on her there's that
Girl Tabitha but there's also this friend I had when I lived in Dallas
Bobbie Turner we still talk some but we're nowhere near as close as we used to
Be. Time has a way of changing things, screws fall in and screws fall out.
Then there's all my family that's passed my aunt Margie,
Today's her birthday she shared it with her daughter
My other aunt, I didn't really know her: Chrissy
Chrissy died just shortly before her father my grandfather died
A year after chrissy died after trying to reconicile with his daughter
Chrissy's husband shot himself in the head, Wish you had stuck around
Bob didn't really know you but I still somehow loved you

There's a million names for me but i'm not going to bog you down
With them but just take sometime and rememeber the ones you had
Loved and the people who are still alive just be thankful

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts on the Great Unknown

Thoughts on actual Gods
1.Saying prayers before eating reminds me of
Sacrificing food to idols even though we eat the food
2. We eat bread and drink wine as symbolism for eating the flesh and drinking
The blood of Christ, and Romans believed that to eat the flesh of their Gods
Were to receive the powers of that God
3. A little more in line with orthodox Christianity but still interesting is that
Christ was sacrificed by God his father just like God asked Abraham to sacrifice
His son
4. Gnostics believe that Yahweh was the bad guy, or Saamal (the blind god) who
Didn't want humanity to realize the divine spark that was within them and that the
Snake in Eden was the good guy, or woman to b accurate, who tempted man to
Seek knowledge
5. In Gnostic Christianity there exsits a female divinity
Named Sophia, some sects believe her to be a mere divinity while others believe
Her to be a goddess, but either way she is thought to be wisdom and to have been
With the creator in the beginning, but even this seems to have a few questions some
Believe her to have been a consort to Saamal or Yahweh while others believed her to have
Been a mother of sorts
6. My friend believes that Buddhism teaches one how to be a god and this confuses me quite
Honestly, he does seem to have a good grasp of the religion,
But still Buddhism teaches that there are no gods so it leaves me confused
7. The pentagram is said to be a symbol of devil worship and has even been used as such
But the pentagram is also said to represent the five wound of Christ, in case the word five
Leaves anyone confused I will point out which five
1. In the right hand, or perhaps in the right arm
2. The left hand, or arm
3. The right leg
4. The left leg
Some of you may say yes I already knew all of this but which is the fifth one?
"But when they came to Jesus, they saw the he was dead already, so they didn't
Break his legs" "One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and
Blood and water flowed out" that was john 19:33, 34
So there it is all five points of the star known as the pentagram
8. Who decided that the bible was the complete word of god and why? I asked my mom
Recently why she believed this and she mentioned the verse in Revelations warning that
No-one should add to the words found here lest the plaques that descended Egypt should
Descend upon them, I find no reason to believe that this talks about anything other than
Revelations afterall the bible wasn't a book until King James declared so
9. God is a justification, Abraham is justified for damn near killing the only son he claimed as
His ( meaning there is the son he produced by Hager, Ishmael) Christ's torture is justified and
A whole religion is built on the justification of his pain and torture,
Those that we claim as our enemies and who claimed us as their enemies the people who
Flew the planes into the world trade center believe that god justifies them
God is a justification
10. I believe our view of Satan is based on an ancient god named pan who had a goat face and
As far as my research goes seemed to have been our id personified in a god
Now this god has become our demon
Old Gods
New Demons

People talk about religion in politics and I find myself
Wondering how much politics is in religion


This year has been rather fucked up but I believe that when it's fully over and done I'll have been better for this year, see all year i've struggled with letting go of the one girl I ever loved it (the girlfriend/boyfriend thing) lasted only three months so I feel like an idiot that part of me even now still misses her.
I put in parentheses the gf/bf thing as my way of saying that the relationship lasted longer than that, I kept trying to get her back and all I ever got was pushed away, it tore me apart.
Tonight she popped into my mind and I called her a bitch, later I watched Bruce Almighty (hehe) and thought that maybe I needed to forgive her and maybe that's the reason I had such a hard time letting her go, so I prayed to the actual god, to bless her life and to just insure me of her happiness, I felt better

Slight Problem with what I just said is this.......
Who says what or who the actual God is, maybe not bruce but who's to
Say afterall the Kingdom of God is inside you and even
The Christians tend to disagree and then there are
The groups who claim to be Christian and who the Orthodoxy denies their
Christianty, groups like Mormon, Catholics ( by some prostent groups ) and
My personal favorite Gnostics
When all this is said and admitted the whole damn thing
Gets very confusing

But to anyone who knows a dyed red head who lives
In the crappy town of asheboro, nc just tell her that
A loner poet named Joe still loves her and that he wishes her
The best life even if he's not the guy